Explorer Kayaking

Explorer/Private Kayaking sessions. £40/person if using a double kayak £55/person if using single kayaks.

Please not we are only running Classic tour trips in 2020 but will always tailor the trip to challenge the group wherever possible. If we need to make up the group with two or more parties we will try and match abilities.

Weight restrictions:

Kayaks become unstable if you are too heavy for their buoyancy, also people can find the seating position uncomfortable if carrying much excess weight. We recommend persons no heavier than 17 stones on kayaks, although we have taken a few Rugby players out who were nearer 20 stone so it can be more about proportion of weight to height etc. Please let us know if you are a bit over weight before booking as we are more than happy to alter the session to suit your needs and it also saves any awkward situations for either party on the activity day. Normally it is best to do a more sheltered introduction session so that you are not committed to a longer journey if you feel uncomfortable or unstable . If you get on well you can then look at coming out again another time to use the skills and confidence gained in the sheltered harbour to further explore the coastline.

Hi Sam,

Thanks very much for an amazing trip last weekend. We never knew the cornish coastline could be so beautiful and your knowledge and stories along the way made it that much more special for us. I cant believe we left it until our 40’s to have a go at kayaking but so glad we did!

Thanks again

Claire and Frank

Guided kayaking

Guided kayaking

Relax and enjoy the amazing scenery or throw a mackerel line over the side and try your luck at kayak fishing.

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