Autumn closes in on another great season at CCA

As the days shorten and the water and air temperatures (very slowly drops) down to give way to winter we slow things down at CCA and i spend more time Surfing and working on the farm and holiday cottages which our family also runs here at Port Quin.

Big thanks goes to all the lovely people that have come out on trips with us again this season, its a pretty good office anyway but the highlight for me is seeing the familiar faces who come back for a trip each year or meeting new and interesting people whilst out enjoying our coastline.

Also a big thanks to the amazing CCA team this year who are all currently off doing exciting things. Rich (currently surfing with my brother Mark in Chilie) Jon (getting lots of water time in locally and also now working in Sharps Brewery!) Soph the office guru (currently teaching at Wadebridge school)

Saying all this we are not closed for business and if theres calm seas and a few people keen i would love to take out some winter trips.

If you want to be super organized and book things up for next season do let me know or if you fancy buying someone a Christmas gift voucher for a kayak trip give me a call or email.IMG_2762

Heres what Lundy bay starts to look like as the Autumn and winter low pressures start to give us more big waves!

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Guided kayaking

Guided kayaking

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