Combined Kayaking and Coasteering

Combined Kayaking and Coasteering sessions £45  (10 years and up)

Coasteering is the popular name given to the activity of wild swimming, low level rock scrambling, playing in swell and jumping from rock ledges into deep water. We use the features along a stretch of coastline or harbour as a route. We swim around and into gullies and caves, and when this is combined with the action of swell (waves) it creates a fantastic playground for us to entertain you.

We offer a combined coasteering and kayaking session. This is where we offer a bit of each of our great activities into an action packed session. This great for everyone but especially younger families who want to get a first taste of Coasteering whilst still having some fun on the double kayaks. All sessions will be tailored to the groups age and ability to make sure we challenge individuals wherever possible.

Is it Safe?

In a word, YES! Like any outdoor activity, there are risks but if you listen to our instructors and have a small amount of common sense coasteering is very safe. All routes are risk assessed and our head instructor Sam Williams has been using these routes since the age of 10 (nearly 30 years ago)! We wear high quality 5mm winter wetsuits to keep you warm, wetsuit boots, a 50-newton buoyancy aid and a water sports safe helmet, we can also provide gloves in early and late season. Our instructors are all fully qualified beach lifeguards, in house trained to a high standard and are not allowed to lead sessions until they have at least 3 years experience on sessions along our routes.

Session timing:

Combined Kayaking and Coasteering sessions generally run one-two hours before high water unless it is particularly calm when we can use some low tide routes, which are generally more exposed to swell and wind conditions.

Session Length:

Session lengths will vary slightly depending on the time of year and the water temperature. The overall session length will be around 3 hours start to finish with approx. 2 hrs in the water. In cooler seasons, our Spring and Autumn sessions are 1-2 hrs in the water.

Session format:

We will provide you with all the necessary equipment before getting in the water. After a safety brief and information about the local coastal area, we will (literally) jump right on to the kayaks or in to the water! The beauty of coasteering and kayaking is that every session is different,  we tailor make each activity to the group and the conditions on the day. Be prepared to Kayak through crystal clear waters or bumpy waves, clamber over rocks, be washed through gullies, jump from heights up to 6m and swim into secret caves. We will try to challenge the more adventurous members of the group and go easy on the more timid! If you have coasteered or Kayaked before and are up for a challenge let us know beforehand and we will put you in a group with like-minded people. We can always find a route to push your comfort zone!

What we provide:

Wetsuit, Wetsuit boots, Buoyancy aid, Helmet, 2 Local Qualified instructors with plenty of knowledge and experience, and an amazing adventure!

What you need to bring:

Wetsuit if you have your own (we will check its suitability), swim wear for under wetsuit, towel, warm clothes to change into when back at the base, water and some sunscreen if it’s sunny!


We charge £45/person for all our coasteering/Kayaking sessions, whether beginner, advanced or intermediate.

Age/weight Restrictions:

We recommend a minimum age of 10 (younger by arrangement) for our combined Coasteering and Kayaking sessions. We do not have an upper age limit but just use common sense please. Feel free to call or email if you have a specific concern. Coasteering does need a basic level of swim fitness; if you find it hard swimming 2 lengths of a standard 25m pool you may struggle to complete a session. If you are a family group you can book a private session so that you have no worries about holding anyone else up!

“Hi Sam,

I just wanted to say thanks to you and the guys for our weekend.
The view from our camping spot was awesome and the Coasteering was brilliant.
So thanks to you and Harriet and Ben. Everyone had loads of fun. I will have no qualms about recommending you highly to anyone.


“Many thanks Sam for photography & guidence with the coasteering on Saturday!!
– I had an excellent time and highly recomendable!! and i think i can vouch for everbody else with saying the same
– Thanks again to you and all the staff!”

“Managed to get everyone back in one piece. Thanks again for Sunday. A few of the boys weren’t sure what to make of it when I booked it, but they all agreed that it was one of the highlights of the weekend. Will definitely recommend you to any mates I have going to that part of Cornwall again.”

Guided kayaking

Guided kayaking

Relax and enjoy the amazing scenery or throw a mackerel line over the side and try your luck at kayak fishing.

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