Top 5 reasons to go coasteering!

Coasteering, coaster-mileering, rock jumping or tomb stoning? So many different names surround the high adrenaline, dynamic sport that encompasses wild swimming, caving, climbing, playing in swell features and of course jumping from high cliffs into the water. But where did this sport come from, and how did it end up in North Cornwall?

Originating in the Welsh peninsular of Pembrokeshire, coasteering as evolved as a sport and as a business venture for many all over the UK, thanks to the rugged coastline that protects us from the Atlantic ocean and a thirsty demand for adrenaline.

Growing up in Cornwall, coasteering didn’t seem to have a name. It was just the thing to do when the surf was flat or there was a particularly high tide. Clambering around the rocks in wetsuits and boots to protect our feet, we would scout out ledges to jump from, or small gaps in the rocks where the waves would suck and pull us around like we were stuck in a washing machine. With local, highly experienced guides, Cornish Coast Adventures are the most experienced coasteerers in the area.

1) Great exercise
It seems like an obvious one, but coasteering uses muscles you never even imagined you had. From the core muscles used when you jump and enter the water, to swimming, climbing and scrambling, you will leave a coasteering session having burned some serious calories, let alone worked your cheek muscles from all that smiling!

Coasteering is not the only exhilarating exercise available in Port Quin; join us for a kayaking or stand up paddle boarding trip to burn just as many calories and have just as many laughs!

2) It’s not as scary as you think!


We are with you every step of the way.

Surely being pushed outside of your comfort zone is the whole point in coasteering, but the important thing to remember is that you are in safe, calm, experienced hands and you are always in control of what you want to do. Push your own limits and remember this is an enjoyable experience. While we offer gentle encouragement, we will never make you do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

Growth mindset: the buzz-word in schools all over the country…. When was the last time you exercised your brain and learned something new? When was the last time you challenged yourself? Coasteering pushes yourself to new limits and allows you to take on exciting new adventures. Have you always been afraid of heights? Do you feel a bit intimidated swimming in deep water? Finally take on those barriers with qualified and experienced guides helping you every step of the way!

3) Get closer to nature
What better way to explore the Cornish coastline that by actually being in the water? During our tours, we love to share our knowledge of the geology of Port Quin and point out any wildlife that can be spotted in or out of the water. We regularly see birds of prey, sea birds, shoals of fish and the odd jellyfish, and occasionally seals and sunfish. If you want to get closer to nature without getting so wet, check out or kayaking tours around the Doyden headland and across to Lundy bay.

4) Our guides
Coasteering is a dynamic adventure and each session run by us is different to the last. Every coasteering group has a minimum of two expert local guides. We give support and motivate each individual and tailor each session to our group’s abilities, to give you the best possible time on the water. Our friendly, chatty guides will make you feel immediately at ease as you embark on your Cornish coast adventure with us.

5) Have fun!
Coasteering is for everyone, whether you are a family, group of friends, work party looking for some team bonding, or hoping to excite your stag or hen party. We are very flexible with what we can offer, to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy their trip with us. That is why we often encourage booking our ‘combo’ kayak and coasteering session. This gives you the best of both worlds, as we kayak around Port Quin, explore caves and gullies and jump out of the kayaks and onto the rocks when the coasteering can begin. We are always happy to answer any of your coasteering enquiries, so feel free to get in touch with one of our coasteering and kayaking guides for a chat about what to expect.

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